Replace MacBook Pro’s HDD with SSD

Due to hard summer touring or not, my MBP(Mid 2010)’s drive seemed to have bad sector. So I replaced it with SSD before things get worse. Below are my personal work log which I think one of the best and quickest way to get back previous system.

– Get screwdriver & SSD from amazon

– Backup Mac 10.8 system with Time Machine
– Backup Windows 7(Bootcamp) system with Winclone

– Take out HDD and install SSD

– Boot Mac from USB
– Erase(format) the SSD to “Mac OS Extended(Journaled)”
– Restore Mac system from the Time Machine backup
– Enable Trim on SSD

– Create a “MS-DOS” partition for BootCamp with Disk Utility
– Restore Windows system from the Winclone backup(image) with Winclone

Both Mac and Windows are working great.
To be precise, I got some error message when I restore Windows with Winclone but so far I’m not getting any problem.

DO NOT use jit.qt.broadcast

Our Max objects are RTSP servers, and they properly format, in some cases compress, packetize and broadcast data for RTSP streaming. Using these objects, you don’t need any external server — everything is done for you, all inside of Jitter!

The phrase above from Jitter tutorial 53 sounds quite charming.
Recently I’ve got some idea through a chat with Etienne from Liine. The idea is converting MIDI control data into tiny jitter matrix and broadcast the data with jit.qt.broadcast object. What is exciting about this idea is that we can easily read-back the received matrix to MDI data or whatever with Max. So I gave jit.qt.broadcast a serious test. But shortly after the test I got a bad feeling with the object. Sometimes it works fine but sometimes it just get stuck even though the parameters are exactly identical. The behaviour of this object is just incoherent. I sent a feedback to and I got a reply below…

You are right, this object is a bit of a mess. We’re sorry about that. It’s not likely to get any better either, given that we are not supporting Quicktime in the 64 bit port of Max.

My Conclusion:

– As soon as you change the codec from default(h263) to others, for example, ‘raw’ the object become obviously useless or at least very unstable.

– In any case the object is absolutely not reliable.

– Don’t try to use jit.qt.broadcast for any serious project. It will gives you just a waste of time.


touchMixerII is a live visual performance tool made with TouchDesigner 088.

» (549.58 kB)

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Eye Tracking with Max

Here are some eye tracking experiments with Max & Jean Marc Pelletier’s “A Simple Eye Tracker For Jitter”

– eye tracking + OpenGL drawing
» eyeTrack-glDraw4.maxpat (4.84 kB)

– eye tracking + OpenGL billboarding
» eyeTrack-glBillboard.maxpat (20.06 kB)

– eye tracking + Gen particles
» eyeTrack-particle1.maxpat (13.02 kB)

To test these patch, you might need to download “cv.jit” & “Eye tracker”(link above) from Jean’s site.


WOMB ADVENTURE’12 – 15 December 2012, Japan

Lights: Matthias Vollrath
Visuals: Itaru Yasuda

– Photos from
Thank you Womb crew!

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