Evil Particle

A Quartz Composition lets you detect edges of your input video or image and emit evil particles from the edges.

ยป evilParticle1.qtz.zip (12.65 kB)

Required plugins:
_1024_ParticleWarfare 1.2.1

Kineme CVTools, v0.3

I haven’t really checked except my personal setup, OS X 10.6.8 and Quartz Composer 4.0.
Hopefully it will work with other configuration too.

Last winter, I was into edge detection and particle effect. I tried to make something legitimate with Quartz Composer. This is the result of my struggle. So far I played with this patch only once in public as part of opening visual set for Richie Hawtin’s 6 hours of DJ show at Time Warp Mannheim on last March. I just thought I would be able to arrange and share it before I forget everything.

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