Inky Particle

Inky Particle is a Max patch which lets you make inky particles around edges of image.
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Before Gen implementation it was hardly possible to make nice particle effect with Max/Jitter. In Max6, there is very nice particle example. ~/Max6/examples/jitter-examples/gen/jit.gen.particles.maxpat. It may doesn’t look awesome at first look. But if you tweak a bit you’ll find it’s very powerful. Below is a little examle.

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You can find more great example at Cycling ’74’s forum

Also there is very nice tutorial by Andrew.
Recipe 48: PartyLights

I extracted particle system from the tutorial patch and it allowed me to generate 100,000 particles at 60fps in real-time on my MBP(2.66GHz i7, GeForce GT 330M, 512MB VRAM)

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After these experiments I studied more about Gen. Then I made the Inky Particle effect and it became heart of a visual installation at ENTER.Interakt.

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